A great review of QfR in this French guitar magazine called Guitare Xtreme. Check it here: New scan.pdf

Inferno 5/2013 (in Finnish)


Imperiumi (in Finnish)

An excellent review of my song in ReverbNation:

My gear review at Guitar Sphere:

An article about my doings in Djent Mag:

Lessons & Tabs

1. An alternate picking exercice.

TABs: Alternate picking exercice.pdf

2. A PDF for the intro riff Colonoscopoy. I didn’t mark legato etc. marks so you have to figure out those by yourself.


Guitar Pro - Colonoscopy.gp5.pdf

3. A PFD for the shred part of Liquid Fire. Hope you enjoy it! It’s a helluva exercise.

Guitar Pro - Liquid Fire.gp5.pdf

4. A PDF for Velocity Mania

Guitar Pro - Velocity Mania.pdf


5. Technique exercise pdf.pdf

6. Sextuplets in 144 bpm TAB:

sextuplet exercise in 144bpm.pdf

7. TAB: 32nd note exercice.pdf

8. Growing Lick

video: 11157785_10206354499450233_538768404_n.mp4

TAB: Growing lick.pdf

9. Sweep-economy exercise

TAB: Sweep-economy exercise.pdf

10. Anti shred. Melodic motifs.

Video: 11284811_10206777666749151_2032798397_n.mp4

Tab: Anti shred pt. 3.pdf

11. 8 notes lick.

Tabs: 8 notes lick.pdf

12.Unison shred from Neutrino Pulse.

Tab: mixed technique lick.pdf

Video: (the lick starts at 1:45)

13. Classical part from Fury Unleashed

Tab: Fury Unleashed.pdf


14. Arpeggiated Shred

Tab: Arpeggiated Shred.pdf


8 string lesson pack

15. Trailer

16. 8th Command

17. Riff

Tabs: 8th string riff.pdf

18. Chords

Tabs: SA 8 string chords.pdf


Inside of the strings picking

tabs: inside picking.pdf

Arpeggio picking

Tabs: Arpeggio picking.pdf

21. Cybertech


Tabs: Cybertech.pdf