Great news! ��My new solo album called 9 Classics With 8 Strings has finally arrived. It contains 9 well known classical songs arranged for 8 string guitar. If you wanna have great music for Christmas and support good cause please place your order at samulifederley ( at )

Best regards


Al Di Meola is one of biggest guitar heroes and this is my tribute to his music. I love the vibe of this tune and it was very hard to get right. I hope you like it.


I'm playing on two tracks on the new Imperium album called Heaven or Hell. Check it out at here:


I'm excited to announce that my classical album called 9 classics with 8 strings will be released on 1.12.2020. The album will have 4 epic pieces, two ballads and 3 crazier songs. It will be released in digital format worldwide and physical cd's can ordered straight from me.


My classical album is now finished and being printed. I'll announce the release date soon. On the album there will be 4 epic songs, 2 ballads and 3 crazy tunes. This is one of the crazy ones, this is Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov.


I made this guest solo for a project from the Philippines. I hope you like it!


I made guest solo for my buddy from Canada. Check it out:


This is another video from my show with Länsi-Uudenmaan musiikkiopiston symphonic orchestra. It was an incredible experience. Here we are performing Con Te Partiro.


Guys I'm proud to say that my new single Neo Human is out. You can get the song from these links:


I was on the cover of the latest issue Dr Johns Underground Magazine. It features an article and an interview with me. You can download the magazine here:


This is yet another guest solo I did for a Swedish metal band Coldbound. It's gonna be a killer album.

Some new gigs added also.


This is my dream coming true as I'm performing with the Lohjan Musiikkiopiston Symphonic Orchestra at a beautiful Laurentinus Sali. I hope you enjoy it! We are performing here Storm by Vivaldi.


I made a guest solo for a cool Swedish metal band called Coldbound. Check it out!


I performed Ave Maria during my show in Pub Wartsu, Kirkkonummi, Finland. I hope you like this version.


I did a guest solo for my buddy Andy Makcrow from US. He made the backing track and I played this solo over it. I hope you like it.


This is me performing Belcat Nolae in Corona Cabaree which was a virtual event held earlier this year. The concert was arranged by Evenderi.


I'm excited to announce that I'm gonna be doing two big performances with the Kirkkonummi Symphonic Orchestra on Sunday 6.9.2020. The first show will be at 15.00 in Kirkkoharjun Koulu, Kirkkonummi and the second one on the same day at 19.00 in Laurentinus Sali, Lohja. Welcome!


I did a guitar solo over mr. Bumblefoot 'Planetary Lockdown' track. It's such a great song and I hope you like my solo.


Here's the video interview I did all the way to Bhutan:


I'm gonna be doing a live Youtube interview on Tuesday 11.8.2020 12am Finnish time. Tune in and ask me stuff. Below is official info about it:

Tomorrow's guest on "Talk with North H" is an amazing guitarist from Finland. He even performed with Steve Vai and Michael Monroe and he plays 8 String Guitars. Join us on our YouTube channel tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3PM for some fun. ��


I'm happy to announce that I'm perfoming on Korppi Fest in Laukaa on 21.8.2020. More info in here:


My latest music video Lifestream is now live for voting in the Oulun Musiikkivideofestivaalit. It's a music video festival where you can vote your favorite video to win the video of the year title. Please give me a vote in here:

Search Samuli Federley - Lifestream and click my number which is 100. Thank you!!


Here's a new solo I did for Jam Track Central contest.


New gigs added to the gigs section.


This is a collaboration video I made with masters Tsuyoshi Ikedo and Keith K Kim. I had an honour sharing solos with these guys. The song is called Next Level.


This is my live performance of Con Te Partiro. I had an honour to perform in Corona Cabaree during covid-19 lockdown 2020 in Finland. A huge thank you to Evenderi.


Kaaoszine asked me to make a list of five songs that helped me to get through the corona spring. Check out the article here:


This song is called One Unity. This is a collaboration video between me, Yo Onityan and Fernando Morena. I had an honour sharing some crazy solos with these two cool guys. Check it!


This is a new solo I recorded. I'm using here the JST Jason Richardson plugin by Toneforge.


Big news!
I'm stoked to announce, that I will be performing at Legends of Rock 2020 festival in Ilfracombe, England on November 7th.

There will be also a tour around this festival and the dates will drop later.

7.6.2020 will show the first part of my studio show on Sunday 7.6. The second half of the show will be shown on Sunday 14.6. Tune in to to see the show and make a donation.

Check out also this interview I made for the site:


Check out my weekly blog with all sorts of guitar related topics with tabs.


Hi guys!

This is again my entry for the monthly Jam Track Central solo contest. I hope you like my take.


So let me introduce my first EP with Surgery Records. It's called Introducing and it contains five songs and the tracking list is:

1. Night Demon

2. Pitchblack

3. Euphoria (Loreen cover)

4. Finlandia (Jean Sibelius cover)

5. Northern Battle

You can buy the EP from here:


I’m excited to announce that I signed a distribution contract with dr Johns Surgery Records for my new album.

That means that I’m writing a album and I’m stoked about the new musical adventures about to come. Stay safe folks!


Hi guys!

I hope you all are being safe out there. I took a part of this Pass the pick challenge by Bradley Hall. Here's my entry:


I've been added into roster. It's a platform where you can find performers for your events. Check out my profile here and book me for a show.


This is my live version of The spirit of the new age by Kummeli. I had an honour of playing a show in the legendary Nosturi in Helsinki.


Here's a jam a played over a JTC Jam of the month backing track.


I did a fantastic livestream gig with Ben Granfelt and Joonas Widenius. You get the tickets and view the show at


Here's a documentary of making the Lifestream video.


This is my official video for Lifestream.

Samuli Federley - music and video editing
Camera work - Arash John Sammander
Key grip - Björn Lindholm
Fire specialist - Klaus Klemola
Special effects - Samu Saukko
Special thanks to Miikka/Meriturva, Arktinen Lapsi & Pekka

Deepest gratitude to Jääskeläinen family.

Buy my Lifestream-ep here:


This is a song where I'm using the new 8 string Taisto guitar. The drum sounds are by Ugritone and the samplepack is called Northern Artillery Drums.


This is recap video of Tonefest 2020. I was there with Taisto Guitars and had lots of fun.


Here's a cover of one of my favorite Him songs. It's called The Sacrament and I'm using my Namuai acoustic guitar here.


Hi folks!
I’m gonna be demoing the very first Taisto 8 string guitar at Tonefest on next Saturday, 8.2.2020. I’m gonna be performing at the demoklubi between 12.45 to 13.30.
Tonefest is the largest Scandinavian guitar expo so see you there!


I made a cover of one of favorite solos from John Petrucci. It's the solo from Under a glass moon by Dream Theater.


Here's my entry for a cool guitar competition by Gus Drax. I hope you like my take.


I made a video with Rockway about fast playing. It contains some thoughts about it as well a little example for practicing. The video is in Finnish but you may wanna check it out anyway.


This is a new song I made. It's called Empty Years and it contains vocals also. I hope you like it!