You can now vote my music video Hades in the Oulu Music Video Festival in this address. My number is 138 so search for that and click the number. Thank you!


My 4th solo album is nearly finished. Here's a little clip from the rhythm guitar recordings.


I'm honoured to announce that my music video Hades is now officially in the Oulun Musiikkivideo Festivaali competition.

Check out all the great contestants here. Hades is at number 138:


Here's a solo video I made for the Vola solo competition. I hope you like it.


I did an metal cover Bomfunk Mc's song called Freestyler. On drums we have the legendary El Estepario Siberiano. Check the video here:


Here's a nice review of my 9 Classic With 8 Strings album:


Check out my profile at the legendary Encyclopedia Metallum:


Here's a little solo from a song called Lost Sons. The song will be released soon so stay tuned.


I'm super excited to announce a South Korean tour happening in October 2022. Stay tuned for the dates.


The new single from my upcoming album is out. The release is called The Underworld and it contains two songs "Hades" and "Broken To Complete". You can listen to it here:


Here's my new beautiful signature acoustic guitar made by Namuai Guitars.


Check out this solo I played a beautiful backing track by Claudio Pietronik. I hope you like it!


I'm celebrating this year by 10th anniversary as a solo artist. There is a new album coming and even more surprises. Stay tuned!


Here's a gig documentary of trip to Sweden and back at Retroristeily with Millenium Project.


I was asked to take a part of this cool concept where metal musicians from all over the world would unite and make a song together. The idea is to help the victims of the war in Ukraine with our means. I did two solos in this song so check it out.

See also our website here:

And here's the full video:


HADES is out! See the video below.


My new music video HADES will be released on 15.4.2022!


I made an interview with Southeast Wreck Metal podcat in Finnish. You can listen to it here:


I made an interview for Ragebreed magazine. You can read the whole magazine from the link and I attach my part below.


Please give me a vote to get me to perform at the Louhela Jam festival:


I was hired to play solos for a cool metal album from Romania. This is my solo from a song called Disturbences.


I'm happy to have lots of new gigs coming up. Check out the gigs section.


This is the guitar solo from the new single by IceEye. The song is called Se Ei Voi and it's originally made by Pave Maijanen. I hope you like our version of it.


Check out this interesting in depth review of this song called IF by Liemus, where I played the solos.


Finally the song and the video I made with Liemus is released. Check it out here:


I had a privilege of performing the famous Finlandia Hymni with the fantastic Lauri Schreck on 26.2.2022. I hope you like our take on this masterpiece.


I played the guitar solos for this cool song called If by Liemus. The official release date for the song is 9.3.2022. Stay tuned!


Here's a great video review of a song I was hired to play the guitar solos. The song is called If by Liemus and the release date is 9.3. This review is in Finnish.


I played all the guitar tracks for a song called Rescue Me. The song is by a great American singer called Ameri Shaye and the song was nominated in the Fair Play Country Music Awards as the Collaboration Of The Year and I was nominated as a Musician Of The Year, Male.


Here's the second part of my interview with Jorg Klein and John Forster.


I played a guest solo for this cool song called If. The band is Liemus and the official release date 9.3.2022. Stay tuned!


I was hired to play guitar solos for an upcoming album by a Romanian band. Here's one the solos I came up with. I hope you like it!


I did recently an interview with Jorg Klein and John Forster. Check out the first part here:


The recording process of my 4th album is doing well. More than half of the album is now finished and here's a clip of me recording some acoustic guitar tracks. This album will be the most versatile album from me and I can't wait to get it out.


Great news!

My show with the legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio has a new date scheduled. The shreddage will happen on 10.4.2022 at On The Rocks, Helsinki. Get you tickets here:


Happy new year!

2022 is a special year for me since it marks the 10th anniversary for me as a solo artist.

I'm currently preparing my 3rd full length solo album which is coming together very nicely. Also a new epic music video from the album track have been finalized.

Stay tuned for more info!


Merry Christmas people!
I made an epic version O Holy Night with vocals also this time around. I hope you like it and have a relaxing holiday season.


Christmas season is upon us so if you want to get a cool gift for yourself or for your close one consider getting my CD or other product from my shop.


I'm gonna be doing a little livestream show on my Facebook channel next Friday, 10.12.2021. Tune in for some guitar jamming and chatting.


First festival gig for 2022 announced. We're performing with IceEye at Kotka Open Air on 11.6.2022.


So happy I got my homestudio setup finally upgrated. Got a new pair of Genelec monitors and a subwoofer. A nice guy from the factory came by and calibrated the setup to sound as good as possible in this room. ��
Got a new monitor stand to fit in also the interface. Now everything looks and especially sounds a LOT clearer than ever before. I’m gonna make a little video about this soon.

New album tracking continues.��


I played this little jam with my Strat over this cool fusion groove. The backing track is made by Coffee Break grooves. I hope you dig it!

Check out


I'm currently in the mode of recording my 4th album. All the songs have been composed and the basic structures being recorded. Now I'm tracking the bass lines, then guitars and some vocals in the end. I hope you like this little snippet.


I’m happy to inform I’m going to perform on this Korean virtual concert called Dolmoru Traveling Artist Festival on 13-14.11.2021. I’ll let you know the exact time closer to the festival.


This is a solo from a song made by Jay Lewis. We did some collaboration in 2021 and he wanted me to do en epic solo in the end of the song. I hope you like this.


This is one of the solos from the upcoming Coldbound album. Can't wait to get it out for you guys!


This is me trading some solos with Davide Lo Surdo. He's the fastest guitarist in the world and right now we're looking for some shows in Finland and everywhere else also. We had great time making this collaboration and more will follow.



I'm super stoked to announce that I'm officially the guitarist for Coldbound. We've been recording our debut album for the last year and more and now it's time reveal the line-up one person at a time.

Few weeks ago we announced our first member the bass-god Otto Schimmelpenninck (Delain) and the next reveal shall happen after in weeks.

I'm really waiting to get the music out for ya and there will be some amazing guests on the album as well. There has been some plans for tours next year and I'm honoured being a part of this super talented group.

Now it's time to have a drink! ��


Check out my solo I made for Jack Gardiner's Shredemption contest. I hope you like it!


Hi folks!
I was asked to do this solo for a cool collaboration video. I hope you like it!


Lot's of new gigs added. Check out the gigs section.


I'm happy to announce that I signed a record deal with Mx-Pro Records. That means there is a new album coming up. Stay tuned!


Check out latest issue of Riffi magazine with an interview of me. In the article I'm talking about my music and guitars.


We make monthly vlogs with Rockway about different kinds of guitar related topics. Here's the latest one where we test guitar amp aplications for iPhone and android.


I’m happy to present you my new single and music video. This is called Broken To Complete. It’s an exciting song since I’m also singing in it and in guest vocals we have the amazing Nadin Zaqarian.

Let me tell you about story of the song.

During my life I’ve had lots of personal troubles and issues for my whole adult life. Different kinds of physical and mental troubles have hauntining me and at some point I felt there’s no other way out than ending it all. With some hidden inner strenght I managed to turn things slowly to better.
Afterwards I can see, that with every obstacle taken over I gained more experience and learned a little lesson. The pain I went through made me who I am today and also made me stronger. That’s why I thank the pain in this song.

Broken To Complete is dedicated to all that have gone through a hell and survived. It is also dedicated to those who are now struggling with their issues. Even though it might feel there is no way out I can say from my experience that life has it’s way to sort things out. Just keep strong and don’t give up.

Video is filmed by Arash John Sammander and edited by me.


Steve Vai is one of my biggest musical heroes and I love especially his Passion & Warfare album. This is the opening track from that album called Liberty. I hope you like my version of it.


Check out my show at the Hidden Kingdom festival on Saturday 31.7.2021 at this location:


I'm gonna be releasing a new single called Broken To Complete on Sunday 8.8.2021. It will continue the visual metal saga started with Guitar Kungfu then Lifestream and now this. The whole concept will feature four songs with music videos supporting the stories within the songs.

Broken To Complete was recorded during the winter 2020/2021 and video was shot during the summer -21. It will have Nadin Zaqarian as a guest vocalist so stay tuned.


I played this solo for an international collaboration video and the backing music is Purple Rain by Prince. I hope you like it! The collaboration is produced by Talik Universe.


We shot a livestream video of our recent show with Ice Eye Band. Check out the gig here:


Here's a great review of my latest album, 9 Classics With 8 Strings.


I had a great two gigs during the midsummer weekend. I decided to make a little documentary of the trip so check it out!


Some new gig dates added. See the gigs section.


I made a solo cover of As I Am by Dream Theater. I hope you like it!


Me and my friends made a cover of The Dance Of Eternity by Dream Theater. Check it out!


This is my solo for the JTC Jam of the month contest. I hope you dig it!


Lots of new gigs added. Check out the gigs section.


This is my official Finnish record on guitar speed. I played 16th notes (4 notes per beat) in 250 bpm. This record was made in Record Factory TV series in 2021. I hope you like it.


I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be on the next episode of the Finnish Record Factory TV series. Tune in on Fox Channel on 31.5.2021.


I made a customised version of Happy Birthday song. If you need music tailored for your needs just contact me.


This my version of Autumn by Vivaldi. I hope you like it!


I made a guest solo for Lauri Huovinen's new solo album. I'm available for session work if needed.


Check out this new cool collaboration video I did with my buddy Vadim Rommer.


Here's a fusion style solo I did.


I'm excited to let you know that I'm going to be in the already ongoing season of the Record Factory TV series. More info about to come!


Here's a crazy solo I played over a cool Megadeth backing track. I hope you like it!


This is my version of this beautiful classic. When I was starting out with guitar I played this song so it has a special meaning to me. I hope you like my version.



I’m super excited to announce that I’m going to do a show with the legendary axe master Michael Angelo Batio. The event will take place in 24.11.2021 at On The Rocks, Helsinki. There will be also Distant Horizon performing so you don’t wanna miss this!!!


Check out this little cover I made of a 1000 Years by Christina Perri.


Check out my weekly Youtube livestream here:


This fantastic piece of music is called Finale by Camille Saint-SaŽns. This version is from my solo album 9 Classics With 8 Strings. Check it out!


This is a solo I came up with using my new Namuai guitar. Check out


Hey everyone!

Here's a cover song from Dream Theater from their album "When Dream And Day Unite" (1989) with musicians from different countries, we believe that ''Music can reunion us''.

Ahmed Ezz - Egypt
Samuli Federley - Finland
Villis Kabadais - Greece
Alexander P - USA


Hi guys!
This is a new original song I made. It is originally composed for a Finnish drag racing team called Mesiniemi Racing Team. They are European and Finnish champions in this sport and this song acts as their anthem.

I'm using my new signature Skyfire guitar by Taisto Guitars with Lundgren pickups.
Check them out here:


This is an interview I did with Inferno magazine (in Finnish). Check it out!


I love Vivaldi's music and I made my own version of his piece called Winter. I hope you like it and please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

I'm proud to introduce my new signature guitar by Taisto Guitars. Check them out here:

The specs are:

- 27 inch baritone scale, 8-string, V25-series TAISTO custom guitar
- Finnish alder top with mahogany body and neck woods.
- Transparent high gloss finish
- SHRECUT-cutaway optimized for technical playing and shredding
- Ebony compound radius fretboard with jumbo high profile stainless steel frets
- Yin and yang fixed size fretboard inlay set with Samuli Federley personal logo
- Reinforced neck with carbon fiber rods
- Knob layout supporting easy playing
- TAISTO P-AMP1 premap/booster controlled by volume push-pull
- Lundgren Black Heaven open coil humbucker pickups
- Ratio tuners by Graph Tech
- Hannes-8 bridge by Schaller
- Chrome finish on metal parts
- Hiscox hardcase
- Documentation and guitar accessories


Master drummer Mike Mangini did recently a cool jamming video on his Youtube channel. I took a part of that jam and turned into a little song. I hope you like it and please subscribe!


I'm gonna be holding today a livestream on my YouTube channel at 12 pm EET. During the stream I'll be presenting my new signature Taisto Guitar. Tune in here:


This is one of the hardest songs I've ever played and I've been playing this with my students for years every now and then. Finally I managed to record my version of it.


This is my entry to this cool contest. I hope you like my solo and please subscribe!


I made an acoustic cover of Purple Rain by Prince. I hope you like it!


We made an instructional video of differences between guitar pickups with Rockway. Check it out in here (in Finnish):


I'm playing here the solos for Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.

This is my demonstration of the wonderful sound by Neural DSP, Plini. It's a fantastic plugin with versatile sound shaping options. Check them out here:


Hi guys!
Please support my musical adventures and buy my music here:


Here's a clip from my latest show at Pub Wartsu on 13.2.2021. I'm performing here the Flight Of The Bumblebee which is a quite challenging song to play.


I'm doing a livestream show on every Friday at 3 pm EET on my YouTube channel. Please join in for cool music and a chat.


Hi guys!

I was asked to play solos for an upcoming album by a cool Romanian band. This is one of my solos from this session. I'm available for musical sessions if needed so don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you like this solo.


This is my solo from this cool collaboration with my friends. We did this jam for Talik Universe magazine.


I’m extremely happy to show this great collaboration video that mr. Lion Rochellion put together. I’m sharing solos with Patryk Makać, Suraz Sun and the legendary bass master Billy Sheehan. This song is made to encourage people to get through the covid crisis. Stay safe!