This is my solo from a cool upcoming collab video.


Here's a short trailer of our sold out show with Millennium Project at Bimmer Party, Kalajoki, 2023.


Big news!I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been invited to perform at Music China expo, Shanghai in October 2023. I’m gonna be performing there on various booths and stages so let’s begin the practicing.


This is SF band full show at Prizren Rock & Blues Music Festival in Kosovo 2023.
Guitars: Samuli Federley

Bass: Jere Lehto

Drums: Jesse Lehto

Keys: Vili Ollila


We did a wonderful show at Prizren Rock & Blues Music Festival in Kosovo, 2023. This is us performing my song called Nyctophilia from my latest album Stormylized.


This piece is composed by Luo Ni and it's a modification of Johann Sebastian Bach's Prelude in C minor from The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 (BWV 847).

I hope you like my take on it.


This is me performing Autumn by Vivaldi at Kulttuurikellari, Savonlinna. It was a great venue and a fantastic show.


We did a fantastic show at the Radio Nova Festival in Finland 2023. Check out this recap video.


Samuli Federley Band did a wonderful show at Prizren Rock & Blues Music Festival in June, 2023. In the audience we had about 6000 people and it was an excellent event.


This is me performing Cactus Rider during my show in Fort Bar, Estonia, 2023.


This is me recording a solo for an upcoming album by Ilari Hämäläinen. The album will be released later in 2023.


This is my take on the Per Nilsson's Guitar Messenger solo contest. I hope you like it.


This is Sofia Ahjoniemi on accordion and me covering the Strom by Vivaldi. This piece is the last part of Vivaldi's Summer from Four Seasons.


I did a wonderful tour in Kosovo in 2023 with my band. The main show was at the Prizren Rock & Blues Music festival in Kosovo.


This is clip of me playing the solo part of Guitar Kungfu during my record release show in On The Rocks - Kallio, Helsinki, Finland.


This is a friendly battle between accordion and guitar. The song is called Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov. Check it!


This is my cover of this great Korean. The song is called 내사랑 내곁에 (My love, by my side) and the original version is sang by 김현식 (Kim Hyunsik).


The new Circus Of Rock album by Mirka Rantanen is now out. I played all the guitars on a song called Sunrise. On vocals we have the legendary Bernie Shaw of Uriah Heep. The album is now on 1st place in the charts.


I've recording solos for the new Ilari Hämäläinen album.

Here's one of the solos.


I made a cover of War by Vince DiCola. It's from the Rocky IV soundtrack and I hope you like my version.


I did an interview with Radio Helsinki on a show called Kuusikielinen Taivas. You listen to the whole interview in here:


This is my show at the No Mercy Festival in Seoul, South Korea, 2022. It was such a fantastic experience.


I made guitarlized version Sandstorm by Darude. Check it out!


Here's a live video from my recent show in Pub Grönan, Hanko, FI.


Summer is now fully booked. Check out the gigs section for all the upcoming show.


I’m excited to announce my first ever solo shows in a beautiful land of Estonia. I’m gonna do two shows in Tallinn and the dates are 12.5. Fort Bar and 17.6. Barbar. See you there!


I was visiting the Taisto Guitars factory and filmed some demo clips using various different cool guitar models. This is me jamming some blues using an AROK TM Red.


Thank you Metalliluola and Kaaoszine for sharing news on my latest album:


I visited today the Radio Helsinki studios. I did a two hour interview with Markus Nordenstreng for a show called Kuusikielinen Taivas. The show will be aired today at 20:00 so tune in for some guitar chat and I also listed the biggest artists that has influenced me as a guitarist.

Olen tänään vieraana Radio Helsingin Kuusikielinen Taivas-ohjelmassa. Kuuntele show klo 20.


I'm happy to present you my new music video called Morning Light. The track is from my latest album Stormylized.


Tervetuloa levyjulkkarikeikalleni 1.4.2023 Oulun Voimala 1889:n klo 20:00. Liput voit ostaa ennakkoon täältä:


I'm happy to announce that Samuli Federley Band will be performing at Rock & Blues Music Festival in Prizren, Kosovo on 10.-11.6.2023.


Today is the official release date of my new album, Stormylized.

It includes 10 tracks and all the music and mixing is by Samuli Federley.

Mastering by Emil Pohjalainen.

Album art by Pauli Souka.

Photography by Ilari Hämäläinen.

Guest vocals on Broken To Complete by Nadin Zaqarian.

Buy here:


I'm happy to announce my first solo show in Estonia. I'm gonna be having a show in Fort Bar, Tallinn on 12.5.2023 Check out the gigs section for more shows.


Big news guys! The Stormylized album is here. The official release date will be on Monday 20.3.2023. You can already send the pre-orders to samulifederley (at)


I'm doing a record release for northern Finland on 1st of April. The venue is called Voimala 1889. Get your tickets here:


My 4th solo has been printed and the cd's are on their way to Finland. The release date will be announced soon.


This is the new single by Coldbound called Skies Are Weeping. Check it!


I did a short stage setup tour during my soundcheck in Pub Grönan, Hanko, FI. Check it out.


I'm super honoured to let you know that I was performing with the Ice Eye Band at the Eurovision contest in San Marino.


Here's a new video from Parashyne featuring me on the guitar.


Here's a little guitar solo for you.

I'm happy to present you my latest video from the upcomig Stormylized album. This is Lost Horizon!


I'm happy to let you know that I have a brand new music video/song coming out from my upcoming album. The premiere of the video will be on Wed 1.2.2023 at 4 pm Finnish time on my Youtube channel. Get ready for Lost Horizon!


I was hired to play all the guitars and make a music video for a song called Black Tears by Kiku. Check it out!


I'm happy to present you the artwork of my new album. The album is called Stormylized and it contains 10 killer tracks. The release date will be announced soon.


My Algerian tour is happily and it was a fantastic experience. See my vlog of the tour below.


My Algerian tour starts tomorrow. See you at the shows. See the gigs section for the locations.


Happy 2023 folks!

Here's my first solo of the year. Preparing for my Algerian tour which is starting on next week.


Happy holidays folks!

This is my last solo of the year. I did a solo cover of Dream Theater's Best of Times solo. I hope you like it.


I did an epic orchestral guitar version of Walking in the air. I hope you like it.


I'm happy to inform that my fourth solo album is now mastered. Also the cover art is ready and we are giving the final touches to the album. Release date announced soon.


I made this solo for PATHOS 2022 solo contest. I hope you like it!


Here's yet another shreddy solo I recorded.


This is an acoustic guitar version of Vivaldi's Summer. I'm using here my signature Namuai guitar.


I also participated the Jared Dines shred collab contest. I hope you like my take.


Here's my solo for the JTC's Jam of the month contest.


Here's my latest interview with Vantaan Sanomat.


Here's my vlog about my tour in South Korea. Check it!


This is me performing Colonoscopy with Harmony of Paradox band in Namuai Guitar Festival, Seoul.


Länsiväylä and Helsingin Uutiset magazines did a great article about me.

You can read them here:


This is the 1st video I played with my new signature Namuai guitar. The song is Hijo De La Luna and I hope you like it.


See my livestream show at Goni TV. It was a wonderful opportunity to be featured on this channel. Thank you Goni Park!


We shot this beautiful music video for Arirang in Incheon, South Korea. The video is filmed by Namuai Entertainment. I hope you like it.