Here's some cool clips from my last show of 2017 from club Rockin' Corner.


Hi all!

Too many times I was asked to play Paranoid during my gigs. So I thought that if I'm gonna perform this song I must do my own version of it. Check it out and get shocked!


There was a cool article and an interview about my show tonight in the local news paper. Check it out!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!

Humans! Behold!

I'm honoured to announce that I'll be performing at the Tonefest Helsinki, guitar festival in 10.2.2018.

The venue is the legendary Kultuuritalo in Helsinki and there have performed for example such names as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater etc.

I'm gonna be playing there my new epic song for the first time. The song will have a gigantic music video too which will be out soon.

Get your tickets here ,…/helsinki-tonefest-2018…/222317 and see you there!


New gigs added. Check out the gigs section. You can also book me to play at your event so just email for the request.


Happy Monday folks!

I'm really happy to announce that I've been invited to perform in this super cool guitar festival called Guitar Meeting 2018 in Sibiu, Romania next summer.

More details here:


I'm proud to present you the new Federley & Parviainen song called Calling You! I hope you like it!



I'm happy to announce my first gigs in Czech Republic! The dates will be 19. and 20.1.2018 and the venue is Klub Vzorkovna, Prague.

The first gig is a guitar clinic so make sure to be there. I'm gonna be showing the hottest guitar tricks around.

The second gig is a guitar spectacle SF show. You don't wanna miss this is so show up and take your friends with you.

See you in January Prague! ����


Here's an interview I did for this awesome Awerican radio show.


Today I met one the most talented guitarists ever, mr. Guthrie Govan. If you arent' familiar with his work you should check him out.


Hi guys!

This is my latest collaboration video called Waves of sound. I'm very proud presenting you this super cool song I shared with some super talented chinese masters of their traditional instruments.
I just love the sound of pipa, erhu and sanxian. I'm gonna use these wonderful instruments a lot in my work in the future.
I was told that this is the 1st time a western player is mixing these instruments in this manner so I'm surely honoured giving you this piece of music which is one of my coolest projects so far.


The shootings of my 2nd music are over. What an intense and crazy day it was. A day to remember! Here's an amazing pic from the set. It took 4 ppl to make this pic happen. All real, no photoshop. ���� Thousands of thanks to the bestest team! You rule!!

Special thanks to Arktinen Lapsi



My smash hit single, Colonoscopy was aired on this cool American radio show with some nice words from the dj about me. Check out my part around 54:30.


Today I had a priviledge meeting one of my all time biggest heroes mr. Albert Lee.
His show was fantastic in age of 73 (goals) and what made the experience even more exciting was that he borrowed my delay pedal for the show.

I had a chat with him at the backstage so I couldn't be happier.



Here's biggest news of 2017. I'm making my 2nd music as a follow-up for my 1st video Colonoscopy released in 2012.

The song is the most epic I've ever written. The music video is going be something you've never seen before.

More details to come!


News gigs added. Check out the gigs section.



I made a guitar version of this beautiful song called Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Check it!


Check out my latest blog. It's about beginner practicing:


Here's a little advertisement I made for Guitar Meeting Riihimäki.


Hi people!

I just wanted to let you know, that I'm touring all the time here in Finland. So make sure to check out my gigs section and come to check out my show. You may also hire me to perform at your own events so don't hesitate to contact me. Cheers!!


Here's is the 4th and last part of my chat with Misha Mansoor from Periphery. Check it out!


This is a cover video me and my buddy Aleksi Parviainen did of this legendary piece called Con Te Partiro.

Also a new gig added to the gigs section.


This is a little metal song I wrote. I hope you like it!


This is the 2nd part from my chat with Misha Mansoor. This time we're talking about his new signature guitar.


This is a little ambient song I came up with in the middle of the night. It's called Late Hours.


Check out this chat I had with Misha Mansoor from Periphery. This is the 1st oart out of 4.


Here's a new promo pic taken by Salla Vainio photography.


More gigs added. Check em out!

Here are my two of my latest blogs. Check em out too for great exercises.


A new gig added to the gigs section. Check it out!

Here's my blog about rock/blues licks. I hope you enjoy it!


Hi guys! Here are my latest blogs about tapping technique. Check em out for tabs and audio examples.


On 23.9.2017 I'm gonna be holding a guitar clinic among some of the finest guitarists in Finland. The event is Guitar Meeting Riihimäki and check out the official event page here:


Here's two teasers from my upcoming new song.


My 2nd guitar blog about string bending can be seen here:


Here's my latest blog about bending string on guitar. Check it out with tabs and audio.


Here is the schedule for the Tampere Guitar Show 9.-10.6.2017.

I'm gonna be there on both days and I'm also gonna do a little show on Saturday. See ya there.


New gigs added. Check out the gigs section.


So I survived Fuzz Guitar Show. Here's a documentary how it went.



I'm gonna be playing at Fuzz Guitar Festival in Sweden, Göteborg next weekend, 13.-14.5.2017 that is. I'm there with Taisto Guitars so come by and check us out! Cheers!


During my gigs I've had some requests of covering Thunderstruck by ACDC. I thought that I could do my own version of it, so here it is. I hope you like it!



I'm gonna be doing a video interview/jam session with Misha Mansoor from Periphery next week. Stay tuned for the video!




This is me and Aleksi Parviainen delivering our forst song together. The song is called One reason. We are a two man band and we perform high energy music. I hope you enjoy this!


Please give a vote in this contest, where I can win a gig Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki. You vote once in a day. Here's is the link to voting:


Here's my latest demo video I made for Taisto Guitars. This is called The spark of life. Check out also


Here's yet another collab video. This time around I united with my friends

in China and Japan and came up with this huge video. Check it!

Also plenty of new gigs added!


I wrote my first album review for This is album was about guitarists covering Beethoven's music. Here's the article (in Finnish):


This is my solo for this cool ongoing solo series my JamTrackCentral.

Ihope you dig it!


I'm happy to give you my new song with super talented Yasmine Crow.

This is called Silent Pain and presents the acoustic side of us. I hope you

like it.


I was a part of this cool international collaboration video where we

did Nemo by Nightwish. Check it out!


Check out this SF bottle opener commercial I made. I also added a shop

section here at my webpage. Check it out!


More gigs added. Check the gigs section.


I made my 2nd demo video for Taisto Guitars. This is my version of the

legendary Con te partiro.


Here's is a live version of the national anthem of Finland, Maamme Laulu:


I'm honoured to announce that I will be performing at Fuzz Guitar

Festival, Göteborg, Sweden in 13. - 14.5.2017. You will find me me

at Taisto Guitars booth. More info here:

Also plenty of new shows added.


Check out this guest solo I did for an international collab video.

The full vid will be released later. Here's my solo:


I'm happy to announce that I'll be perfoming at Tampere Guitar Festival

2017. I'll performing there with Taisto Guitars.

Check out the details here:


I'm proud to present you my new guitar. It's made buy Finnish Taisto

Guitars and this is my signature guitar. It's a 7 string and lots of demo

video are coming. Check out also


A new solo gig added. I'll be perfoming at the opening ceremony

of Turku Fight 2017 event. Really cool!


New website opened. Stay tuned for updates.