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For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a cover video of some of Steve

Vai’s songs. They are mainly really much multi-layered and effected which makes the covering hard. Still there are some in-you-face kinda simple

songs like The Attitude Song. So I made a cover out of that.

Watch it here:

Also a bunch of new gigs are added to the gigs section.


Here’s my new solo cover video of Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater.

Check it out:


Here’s my new song called überness. It’s one of my craziest tunes but

I tried to keep it melodic. I hope you like it. Check it out here:


Check out the Misc section for a new tab. It’s called Arpeggiated Shred.


A new vocal tune! This is called Dream Connection and it took four years to finish it and to find the courage to put it out. It's a power ballad and represents a bit different side of me. I hope you like it and if I have the guts I might do a video of it later. You can listen it at the player in top right of this

page or in here:


Here’s two guest solos I did for a cool band called Epicrenel. Check it out:


This is an improvised solo over a ballad backing track. Check it out:


I did  cover video of Eyes of a child by Steve Morse. I think it’s the most

beautiful song by him. Watch it here:


Check out this cool collaboration video I did with Japanese shred master

Yo Onityan. Here’s the video:

I also added tabs for the classical middle part of the song. You find them

at the Misc section.


I added tabs for the unison shred part of my song called Neutrino Pulse.

You can find them at the Misc section.


This is a crazy metal version of The flight of the bumblebee. Check it

out here:


Take a listen to my first vocal tune called Neon Black. You can find it at

player located top right on this page.

I also did this improvised solo over a cool techno metal track. Check it

out here:


I participated this cool Hufschmid Glowbuckers guitar solo contest.

Check out my entry here:


I tried to come up with this little Satrianish song. I hope you like it.


Hello! Here’s a new song I wrote. It’s called Neutrino Pulse.

Watch it here:


I added a new lesson to the Misc section called 8 notes lick. Check it out!


I took part in this cool solo competition. Check out my entry here:


This is a new song I wrote. It’s called Lucid Dreaming and it’s dedicated

to the wonderful Boss Tera Echo pedal. Watch it here:

I also made this little picking exercice for you. You can see it at the misc

section or here:


Take a look at this solo I made for Jam Track Central’s jam of the month.


I made this little cover solo of one of Alex Hutchings fusion solos. Check it

out here:


This is an interview I did for Robex Lundgren. Check it out:


This is a guest solo I did for a cool metal band called Epicrenel. This is their


Here’s the video:


I did this improvised solo over a djenty backing track. Check it out here:

Also one new gig added to the gigs section.


This is the 3rd and last guest solo I did for Imperium. The album will be out

soon. Check it out:


I made this video of my song called Road. It is on my solo album and

on vocals is Mari M. Check it out:


This is my second guest solo for Imperium. The album will be out soon.


Happy 2016 everyone! I was busy at the studio last year. I played on five

different albums and here is one guest solo I did for a band called

Imperium. Check it out:


Hi! I made this little song for fun. The idea was to make a simple djenty backing track and do a melodic solo over it. I hope you like it. Check out the video here:


My band enters the top 30 of most sold albums this week in Finland. We are 28th so it's a nice independence day surprise! Check the list here:


Attention people!

The latest album from Standing Ovation is out now. You can order your

copy from this location:

And here is our latest music from the album:


Here’s my new YouTube video. It’s called Hemiones and it’s

a master-piece by Camille Saint-Saëns. The song is a part of his

orchestral series called Le carnaval des animaux. This is my arrangement

for guitar of that song and you can watch it here:


So, the official music video for Hellbillies by Standing Ovation is

finally ready. You can watch it here:

You can also pre-order the new CD at this location:


New gigs added. Here’s also a few years old solo of mine:


The new Standing Ovation album will be released in 27.11.2015.

Here’s our new promo pic and the album cover:


Here’s a video of the heaviest song from my album, Quest For Remedy.

The song is called Silhouette of Death and on vocals is Keijo Niinimaa.

Check it out:


Check out this collaboration solo video I did with a great young talent

called Janne Nieminen. Here’s the vid:


Hello guys!

Sorry for the silence, I haven’t been lazy but super busy. I’m recording

two albums at the same time and more about those later. I also did this

quest for a cool metal band called Illusions. Here’s the solo:

Also some gigs added. Take care!


This is an improvised melodic solo I did. I hope you like.


Hello people!

This is one of my most challenging songs by far and I had an honor to play it with monster drummer mr. Lennon Lester Robledo Duben from the land of Venezuela. I hope you dig the video and if you do please like, share and subscribe.



Check out this cool demo video I made for Swiss Picks.  They’re 

most awesome some picks so you should try them out.


Here’s a improvised solo I did for you. I tried to be melodic and focus

on phrasing. If you want the backing track just contact me.

Here’s the link:


Hi guys! I made a new demo video of my signature Amfisound 8 string

guitar. Check it out here:


Check out this cover video I did. I wanted to do something really brutal so

Revisionist Past by Dying Fetus is the right choice. Here it is:


I got my first gold record from Moottörin Jyrinä’s On Aika Mennä

Nukkumaan single. Cool!


I added a new lesson to the misc area. It’s called Anti shred and contains

some melodic motifs with tabs. Learn it!


Hello peeps!

Long time no news but there’s lot things happening.

First of all I’m happy to say that I’m no. 1 on the charts of Espoo in

Reverb Nation and no. 2 on the national charts of Finland. Thank you

for that! Here’s my profile:

I’m also doing a guest solo for an awesome metal band but I’m gonna

tell you more about that later.

There’s also an interesting band thing going on and I’m gonna reveal

details about that also later. Til’ then, shred on!


So I finished the album recordings for this cool Finnish prog metal band

Standing Ovation. There will be a lot of interesting songs and cool solos

on the album. Also a video can be expected. Stay tuned!


Another lesson video online. Check it out:


Here’s a little practice video of 32nd notes including tabs. Check it

out and start practicing.

I also added it to the Misc section.


Hello people!

Ok, now I need your help. I’m in this cool guitar solo competition by

Jam Track Central and here’s my solo:

Please vote for my solo here:


On 26.3.2015 my in-the-style-of-John-Petrucci course will be released


Check out the presentation video here:

It’ll be cool so mark the date into your calendar.


Here’s another rehearsal video. Moving across the 6 string using 4 fingers

per string.


Check out this little practice video. Here I work on my alternate picking:



Here’s a new gear demo video. This time around I demoed the Gurus Naked

ch.2 pedal, which is awesome. Check it out:


This is a demo video for the Gurus Naked ch1 pedal. It's a great sounding pedal and is perfect for rock and blues. This video is also a tribute for one of my biggest influences ever, Stevie Ray Vaughan. This song got me into practicing guitar for real back in the day and this is my version of the song. Check out



Check out this little practice video I did. Here I play some 3 note arpeggios

on one string. It’s quite a challenge for the fretboard hand.


I’ll be doing two clinics about songwriting. You can view the clinics online at following location at 6:00 at 7:00 on Saturday 24.1.2015.


New video!

This is one of my favorite solos of all time. Ths Gurus Sexy Drive pedal is also über cool! Check it out and share.


Happy New Year everybody! Let’s kick off this year with a new demo video.

Check out this one I made for Gurus Naked Metal pedal:


The first gig for 2015 is being booked. I’m playing some good ol’ heavy metal

with my ex-band Moottörin Jyrinä. Check out the gigs section.


Howdy peeps!

Here’s is finally my China tour documentary 2014. It was such an amazing

trip and check it out how it all went down.


Here’s a new instrumental video I did. Let’s see if it makes to my second solo album. Check it out and I hope you like it.


Here’s a little alternate practice video:


I’m getting involved with the coolest thing ever. An official Shawn Lane documentary is being made. Shawn was probably my biggest influence so I’m thrilled this is happening.

They are raising money to get the movie done so check it out here:

Here’s a little video I made for the movie. There is more to come. Stay tuned!


I made a video of the shred intro lick of Liquid Fire. Check out the misc section for the tabs.


A new lesson added. Check out this sextuplets in 144 bpm. There’s also tab at misc section.


Check out the misc section. I added a TAB for the technical exercise video I posted few days ago. Start shredding!


Here’s a little practice video. I’m gonna include tabs also within few days. Check it out:


Hi guys!

Sign up for my guitar lessons at Rock House:

Also Skype lessons are available. Just contact me at samuli (at)


Moottörin Jyrinä's single, On Aika Mennä Nukkumaan, has sold gold record worth of copies. I play guitar on that song and arranged it with the rest of the lads. Coolness indeed I say!


Here’s a quick clip from a studio gig I did in Peking:

And here’s another home video of me playing Erotomania in 200 bpm:


Good day humans!

Today is the day when my China tour begins! First I'm traveling to Peking and from there I head off to Shijiazhuang, where I'm doing two shows. The first is a guitar clinic in a local guitar school and second one at a rock club.

Some daily updates will be posted during the tour and remember to keep it metal!


Here are the cities during my China tour. Check out the gigs section for the



Check out this solo video I did:


Howdy humans!

I made this demo video for JamUp's Gurus Amp app. Features also a fab lightning from the hand effect… Check it out:



This time around I made this video to demonstrate the iChannel feature in Gurus amp. Check it out:

I also added some of the venus for my China tour.


Now here's some breaking news, are you ready! You may also stop the press.

During 24.-31.7. I'm doing a solo tour in China. I'm gonna do shows in various clubs around Peking area as well some guitar clinics in local guitar shops and music institutes.

Naturally I'm super excited about this and you can expect a cool tour documentary which can be seen through Rockway.

I'm gonna post later the venues so if you happen to hang around those hoods please come check out my show and have a Tsingtao beer with me.


Check out this cool DV Mark demo video I made:


Here’s some nice pics from my latest show with Reversion:


Hello fine people!

I made this demo video for Gurus Amps. Check it out:


I came up with this new original song as a demo video for Manne guitar. Check it out here:


I just came from the Rockway Studios. I was filming there for three days some instructional videos in the style of John Petrucci. Check out their site at:


Howdy! I made this little improvised video with this cool Manne guitar. Check it out:


Yo peeps! Check out this funky rehearsal room video we did with Reversion. The song is called Exile.

Also some gigs added.


Some gigs added for Reversion and Playa. Check out the gigs section.


Cover song no. 3.

As a son of the 80's I couldn't avoid being exposed to the all synth pop music. I've always thought that this techno or other dance music is very close to heavy metal in terms of arrangement and overall feel. Just add real drums and electric guitar and you'll have a awesome melodic metal song. So this is my tribute to this genre of music. It's not an 80's song but it fits the same category. Hope you dig it!


Hello guitar fanatics!

Here’s a little selection of solos from the tours I did with Playa Band last year. Hope you dig it.


On next Sunday, 16.3. I’ll be performing with Playa at Tampere Arena and on vocals we’re having the legendary Michael Monroe. That’ll be interesting! Be there!


Cover song no 2.

When it comes to metal, the heaviest this there is for me is Pantera. The heaviness doesn't come by wearing a corpse painting and walking like a crab. It's the touch, tightness, phrasing and overall taste that counts for me. Dimebag had it all, chops and great taste of melodies as well. I love all of Dime's solos but this one sums it pretty well up. Hope you dig it. Rip Dimebag.


Greetings humans!

My funky little video has reached 10 000 views so I salute you all fine ladies and gentlemen out there. Let me give you one more time: Colonoscopy!


Also new gigs added. Reversion is also going to hit the stage several times during this spring. Prog!


Here’s a little solo video I did. Hope you dig it:


Hello peeps!

Some new gigs have been booked so make sure to show up. Check out the gigs section.


Happy New Year people!

I'm starting this new little video series where I'm covering the artists, bands or musical genres that have influenced me the most. The first video shall be this very tricky yet beautiful piece called Aquarium. It's a part of a big masterpiece titled as Carnival of the animals by Camille Saint-Saens. The dude roamed this earth during 1835-1921.

So this cover is to show my love for classical music. I hope you dig it.


Happy holidays everyone!

During my little vacation I’m preparing a new video. It’s a cover song and is probably the most difficult piece of music I’ve ever recorded. Hopefully I’ll nail it soon and you’ll definitely going to dig it. It’s something a little different and one thing I can tell you about it is that it’s not a heavy metal song...